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Born a slave, but determined to live free, Harriet Tubman made the dangerous trek to liberty. Called “The Moses of Her People,” she returned again and again, leading dozens of slaves to freedom.

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park honors this remarkable woman and those who defied convention and the law to defy slavery. The state-of-the-art Visitor Center draws people into Tubman’s world as you experience the lives of enslaved people, their journey to freedom, and the challenges they faced adjusting to their new lives.

Our Half-Day Tour

Our half-day tour begins and ends at the Dorchester Visitor Center on the Choptank River. After a brief introduction, we travel to the Long Wharf Park, which was a port used by sailing vessels, including slave ships. From there, we drive past the grounds of the Dorchester County Courthouse, where slave auctions were held. You'll learn how some slaves and abolitionists managed to secure freedom from under the eyes of the auctioneers. We'll drive through Cambridge, passing some of the historic buildings that were important during the town's years as a port city. The landscape between Cambridge and the Harriet Tubman State Park has changed little over the years. You'll have a sense of what her world looked like. We stop briefly at the Stanley Institute, an early education site for African-Americans before arriving at the Park for a guided tour of the Visitor Center. After that, we travel to the historic marker near the site of her birthplace. Our last stop is at the Bucktown Store, which is a critical part of her  story. While protecting a young slave from an angry overseer, she was stuck in the head by a weight thrown at the boy. From that time on, she had seizures and visions which she said were God's way of guiding her work. From there, we return to Cambridge. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

This tour introduces you to the Cambridge and Dorchester County that Harriet Tubman knew as a child. Starting at the Dorchester Visitor Center in Cambridge, we see the site where slave ships docked and the courthouse lawn where slave auctions were held. From there, we drive through the landscape that was familiar to her and arrive at the Harriet Tubman State Park Visitor Center. After a personal introduction by Park Rangers, you'll have time to explore the exhibits about Harriet's life and legacy. From there, we stop at the Bucktown Store, famous as the site  Harriet was nearly killed while protecting a young slave boy who was fleeing an angry overseer. The trip takes approximately 3 hours. 

  Minimum per tour: Five (5) persons.

Group Tours

Tubman Tours Itineraries

Our all-day tour incorporates all of the half-day tour and continues to places that played a large role in the activities of the Underground Railroad. After a lunch at an area restaurant, we continue to the farmstead where sympathetic owners hid Harriet and spirited her away to freedom; the Linchester Mill which is located on the river which slaves followed north; and the farmstead where Harriet lived before her escape. This tour including lunch takes approximately 7 hours.

Minimum per tour: Ten (10) persons.

We provide receptive services for local and inbound group tours. Our fleet of vans, mini-buses, and motor coaches are available for any size group. We can pick-up at most locations on the Eastern Shore. For in-bound groups with their own transportation, we provide full packages for one-day and overnight itineraries with guide services and reservations for lodging and meals. The wide range of additional activities in the area allow for unique, customized tours. Call for help in planning your trip and pricing.

Harriet Tubman Tours

For most people, one harrowing trip on the secretive Underground Railroad was enough. But driven by a passion to rescue others, Harriet Tubman returned to Maryland’s Eastern Shore many times, leading dozens of people out of slavery. Scattered across the landscape are hiding places used by Harriet, abolitionists, and “conductors” on the Underground Railroad. You’ll visit a typical homesteader’s cabin like those where runaways may have hidden under the wooden floor; Linchester Mill which was used by escaping slaves, their helpers, and slave catchers; the possible site of her birthplace; and the Bucktown Store where Harriet was severely injured when she defied an overseer to protect a slave child. You’ll learn how Harriet used disguises and her knowledge of the landscape to complete her rescue missions.

Our Full-Day Tour

Our full-day tour expands to visit the places where Harriet worked and hid before her escape to freedom. It begins at the Dorchester Visitor Center in Cambridge, with the half-day tour (including the Harriet Tubman State Park Visitor Center, her birthplace site, and the Bucktown Store). Following a lunch at an area restaurant, we continue to Webb Cabin, where an under-the-floor "potato-hole" shows the sort of place freedom-seekers could have hidden.  We stop briefly at the site of the Thompson Farm where Harriet was living when she escaped, and at the Laverton House, where the owners hid her before she traveled to freedom. Our last stop is at the Linchester Mill, which was used by both slaves, abolitionists, and slave catchers. We then return to the Dorchester Visitor Center in Cambridge. The tour including lunch lasts approximately 7 hours.

Custom Tours

“Harriet Tubman Country” is filled with experiences and adventures. Enjoy winery tours and tastings, a cruise on a skipjack, or eagle-watching at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Explore the waterways and landscape with kayak and bike tours, take a haunted nighttime ghost tour of Cambridge, or browse through shops, galleries, and antique malls. With a bounty of fresh seafood and locally-sourced ingredients, this is a foodie’s delight. In nearby Easton – one-time home of orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass – "The Hill" was one of the first neighborhoods for free blacks in the country. We can customize your visit to give you a unique experience. Call for planning and pricing.

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We can also design tours that include other attractions and activities, like Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge with eagle-watching, biking and kayaking, evening ghost tours of Cambridge, or a cruise on the Choptank River (seasonal). We have partnered with area restaurants and retailers to offer packages and discounts to our guests.

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