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Our Half-Day Tour

Our half-day tour begins and ends at the Sailwinds Visitor Center on the Choptank River. After a brief introduction, we travel to the Long Wharf Park, which was a port used by sailing vessels, including slave ships. From there, we drive past the grounds of the Dorchester County Courthouse, where slave auctions were held. You'll learn how some slaves and abolitionists managed to secure freedom from under the eyes of the auctioneers. We'll drive through Cambridge, passing some of the historic buildings that were important during the town's years as a port city. The landscape between Cambridge and the Harriet Tubman State Park has changed little over the years. You'll have a sense of what her world looked like. We stop briefly at the Stanley Institute, an early education site for African-Americans before arriving at the Park for a guided tour of the Visitor Center. After that, we travel to the historic marker near the site of her birthplace. Our last stop is at the Bucktown Store, where she defied an overseer to protect a young slave. From there, we return to Cambridge. The tour lasts about three (3) hours. 

Walk in the Footsteps of an American Legend

Groups of 1-4  $50/each

Groups of 5+  $30/each

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