This tour introduces you to the Cambridge and Dorchester County that Harriet Tubman knew as a child. Starting at the Dorchester Visitor Center in Cambridge, we see the site where slave ships docked and the courthouse lawn where slave auctions were held. From there, we drive through the landscape that was familiar to her and arrive at the Harriet Tubman State Park Visitor Center. After a personal introduction by Park Rangers, you'll have time to explore the exhibits about Harriet's life and legacy. From there, we stop at the Bucktown Store, famous as the site  Harriet was nearly killed while protecting a young slave boy who was fleeing an angry overseer. The trip takes about three (3) hours. 

  Minimum per Half Day tour: Five (5) persons.

Our all-day tour incorporates all of the half-day tour and continues to places that played a large role in the activities of the Underground Railroad. After a lunch at an area restaurant, we continue to the farmstead where sympathetic owners hid Harriet and spirited her away to freedom; the Linchester Mill which is located on the river which slaves followed north; and the farmstead where Harriet lived before her escape. This tour including lunch takes about seven (7) hours.


Minimum per Full Day tour: Ten (10) persons.

(Receptive services are available for Groups.)

Group Tours


We provide receptive services for local and inbound group tours. Our fleet of vans, mini-buses, and motor coaches are available for any size group. We can pick-up at most locations on the Eastern Shore. For in-bound groups with their own transportation, we provide full packages for one-day and overnight itineraries with guide services and reservations for lodging and meals. The wide range of additional activities in the area allow for unique, customized tours. Call for help in planning your trip and pricing.

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